Upcoming Lecture

April 25, 2016
7 – 9 pm


“Radical thought and uncommon Senses” with Douglas Black
“Cedar Bark – when, where, why and how” with Marlene Liddle

The Masset Lectures is a series of talks given by members of the community in Haida Gwaii as well as invited off-island guests.

Community members volunteer to give a presentation on a topic of their expertise, or on a topic that they wish to learn more about. This is an opportunity to learn from each other, and to support each other in our own learning. Topics cover anything relevant to life on Haida Gwaii, including natural history, human history, culture, local foods, outdoor activities, and practical skills.

If you are interested in volunteering to give a presentation, or to bring snacks, please contact Stu at stu.crawford at gmail dot com.

Location: Northwest Community College, Masset Campus (Tahayghen Elementary School east entrance).

Time: Every other Monday from 7 to 9 pm

Format: Each session includes two different lectures by two different people, with a short break for refreshments between. Each lecture ideally includes a 10 to 30 minute presentation, a discussion period, and a hands-on activity that supplements the lecture. However, the exact format of each lecture is flexible to meet the needs of the topic and of the presenter. We try to have people committed to giving lectures 4 weeks in advance.

Supporting Organizations: Northwest Community College, Haida Gwaii Rec, and Mount Moresby Adventure Camp.


Past Masset Lectures

January 12, 2015
“Ropes and what knot” with Toby Sanmiya
“Crow whiskers and other lichens of Haida Gwaii” with Stu Crawford

January 26. 2015
“Breaks at The Edge of the World – A brief history of Haida Gwaii surf” with Chris Ashurst
“Regional climate services available for adaptation to climate change” with James Hiebert

February 9, 2015
“The Great Turning – radical hope beyond the tipping point” with Dan Binnema
“Food literacy” with Rosie Sheppard

February 23, 2015
Tiffany Scholey: “Rock climbing on Haida Gwaii”
Sarah Stevenson: “Witch plants – The medicines of Haida Gwaii”
Snacks by Sarah Stevenson and Tom Kertes

March 9, 2015
Dominic Legault: “The evolution of music through 161 years of recording”
Tom Kertes: “It takes a child to raise a community: How children’s empowerment changes everything”
Snacks by Kirsten Hood and Ross Hayes

March 23, 2015
Stu Crawford: ” Old maps of Haida Gwaii and the naming of Massett”
Jamie Biggar: “Transforming Canadian politics (hopefully)”
Snacks by Tarynn Lloyd

April 13 , 2015
Margo Hearne and Peter Hamel: “Basically birds”
Ross Hayes: “Wave theory”

April 27, 2015
Shelly Crack: “Healthy, local, sustainable foods in institutions”
Dan Schulbeck: “Ding… next stop Space elevator – moving towards humanities destiny?”

May 11, 2015
“The Riparian Forest: Forest + Water (+ Fish)” with Leandre Vigneault
“We all know that sea otters eat abalone… but there’s more to the story than that” with Lynn Lee
Plus 5 minutes on Strange Fish
Snacks by Rosie Sheppard and James Hiebert

January 11, 2016
“Understanding Social Movement Power: Structures of Power and Change” with Tom Kertes
“Artists in Gwaii Haanas” with Christine Pansino

February 1, 2016
“The co-op business model – YOUR road to success” with Vanessa Hammond
“Intergenerational trauma, resiliency, and me” with Sandlanee Gid Raven Ann

February 15, 2016
“Compassionate Listening” with Conch Konschuh
“Invertebrates of Haida Gwaii: Tarantulas, scorpions, jumping slugs, and zombie worms” with Stu Crawford

February 29, 2016
Stephen Reid:  Writing towards the light
Berry Wijdeven: Species at Risk: Where are we at?

April 11, 2016
“The Great Bear Sea” with Karen and Ralf Meyer
“The history of the tattoo“ with Randy Martin