IMG_0726.webBegun in 2013, Mount Moresby Adventure Camp Society’s Outdoor Education Program (OEP) brings community, culture, land, and sea into our students’ learning environment, and utilizes SD50 curriculae with Prescribed Learning Outcomes in order to engage students in new outdoor learning opportunities. With the support of the Principal and Teachers of Tahayghen Elementary School & Sk’aadgaa Naay Elementary School, the program takes Haida Gwaii grade 5 students out of the classroom and into the forests, beaches, and rivers to teach math, socials, science, history, culture, physical education, English and communication.

Weekdays throughout the SD 50 school year


The OEP grew out of the Forest Stewardship Program (FSP) and the perceived need to extend the impact of outdoor education beyond the week long camp to student learning throughout the school year. The programming addresses three main issues facing families on Haida Gwaii:

  1. Currently, there are few existing BC curriculum options giving youth the opportunity to learn experientially through interactions with their environment.
  2. Student dropout rates in our island communities are above the province average.
  3. Public recreation facilities are limited for island communities.

The OEP seeks to address these issues by engaging students in alternative, experiential learning contexts outside of the classroom. On full day excursions, students are connected with the exceptional wilderness opportunities available on Haida Gwaii, taking part in activities such as clam digging, forest navigation, bog ecology, and salmon enhancement. These activities embody practical applications of Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) from a broad spectrum approved BC Education curricula and allow the OEP to satisfy the needs of SD50. The PLO’s are then assessed in the field by qualified instructors and back in the classroom by their teachers.

The OEP is currently offered to Grade 5 students because:

  • the elementary school schedule allows for an entire class to participate together on the same day; and
  • the OEP delivered throughout the school year culminates in May/June with the Grade 5 Forest Stewardship Program at Mosquito Lake which serves to synthesize and solidify student learning.