Masset Lectures Feb. 15th at NWCC

“Compassionate Listening” with Conch Konschuh
“Invertebrates of Haida Gwaii: Tarantulas, scorpions, jumping slugs, and zombie worms” with Stu Crawford

Facilitator Christy “Conch” Konschuh will present on Compassionate Listening. Compassionate Listening is a peace making tool useful to those who have survived war, genocide and displacement. The act of Compassionate Listening engages the heart and as with any exercise, creates a positive practice that contributes to understanding and connection.

Biologist Stu Crawford will talk about the terrestrial invertebrates of Haida Gwaii.  We will take a closer look at amazing world of the wiggling and crawling creatures that are all around us.  The talk will be followed by a hands-on session.  There will be microscopes for everyone to use, and lots of specimens to look at.

DATE: Monday, February 15th
TIME: 7:00 to 9:00 pm
LOCATION: Northwest Community College Masset Campus, which is in Tahayghen Elementary School (east entrance)
SNACKS: There may be snacks.  Bring your own mug if you want a beverage.
CHILD CARE: The classroom beside the Masset Lectures is available to be used for child care, but it is up to parents to arrange for whatever supervision is appropriate.  There is a TV and DVD player in the room.

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