Upcoming First Aid Courses-

Upcoming Wilderness First Aid Courses – March 2022!

Mount Moresby Adventure Camp Society is pleased to host two first aid courses this coming March. The two courses will be identical and offered in Sandspit and Masset. They are a 40hr Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) and Wilderness First Responder Open Recert with CPR-C. Participants can sign up at the following links. Note that you need to follow the square link on the Wilderness Medical Associates page to register. Upon registration you will be contacted with additional information. Inquiries can be emailed to mountmoresbyadventurecamp@gmail.com.  See you there!

Sandspit  March 8-11 MMAC – Sandspit, BC

Masset March 13-16 – Masset, BC – MMAC

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