Update on TimberWest Logging Situation

Mount Moresby Adventure Camp has received overwhelming support from the Council of the Haida Nation, School District 50, and many other community supporters.  Thanks to this high level of support, the word has spread about on the tremendous value of the camp’s programs for the youth of Haida Gwaii and the community as a whole.  The camp wishes to recognize these supporters as vital to protecting its forest-based educational programs.

Yesterday’s announcement by TimberWest to defer logging is an encouraging sign that support for the camp’s outdoor classroom and other forest-based programs extends throughout all sectors of the community. The camp looks forward to learning more details of this announcement, and to the opportunity to work with the interested parties to reach a solution that protects the camp and the lands around it.

We will all stay tuned to determine what the final decision is on this development.


The provincial government is expected to approve logging in the small forest immediately beside our camp that we use as our outdoor classroom.  Alongside the Haida Nation, MMAC seeks a solution that would protect this outdoor classroom and maintain the integrity of our lakeside ecosystem.

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MMAC Press Release, January 12, 2016

Council of the Haida Nation Press Release, January 15, 2016